Retail Therapy: Pleasure or Waste?

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Happy December! Where did this year go? Have you slowed down long enough to fill your tank? I think that’s what I was doing. Moving from one continent to another, personal and professional stress, and often we are the first thing that falls off our own “to do” list. But I am back, and it’s good to be back after a long absence…

Retail Therapy: Pleasure or Waste?

Do you find yourself strolling through the bright aisles of boutiques or endlessly scrolling through internet shopping websites in search of the perfect outfit or garment, believing it will suddenly improve your style?

We’ve all been there, wondering why we don’t have anything to wear as we stared at our overstuffed wardrobes. The fact is, we frequently waste money on pieces of clothing that never get worn because they don’t suit our tastes or way of life. The truth is that your particular style is not bound by the stitches of a stylish dress or the latest fashion trend. It’s a detailed reflection of your identity, lifestyle, physical body, colour, and self-perception.

I would like to share some tips to help you stop wasting money on items you are never going to wear.

Lifestyle Assessment 🤔

Developing a practical wardrobe starts with a lifestyle assessment. Consider for a moment your daily schedule, place of employment, and social events. What clothes do I actually need to wear on a regular basis, and what is just taking up room in my closet? For example, if you work in a corporate environment but have a closet full of activewear or casual clothes, it’s time to rethink!

Personality Assessment 🤔

Your individuality and tastes are reflected in your unique style. Consider what you actually enjoy to wear for a while. Your purchasing decisions will be guided by this self-awareness, which will also lessen the possibility that you will purchase items of clothing that don’t suit your taste.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity 🤔

One proven approach to stop wasting money on clothes is to invest in high-quality pieces. When you go shopping, pay attention to timeless and adaptable items that you can combine and create different looks.

Coordinating Your Outfit 🤔

Getting the most out of your clothes requires effective wardrobe management. To make choosing clothes easier, arrange your closet so you can see everything you have. Furthermore, think about creating a “capsule wardrobe” . Using this strategy will assist you in reducing impulsive purchases.

Review ✨

Adopt a monthly review to keep your closet from becoming overcrowded with unworn clothing. Allocate a period of time to examine your wardrobe and pinpoint the pieces you haven’t worn in the previous month. If an item stays in your closet unworn, think about whether it still has a place there. If not, now would be a good opportunity to donate, sell, or trade it with someone.

If you find yourself needing additional help and guidance on your wardrobe, I am here to assist you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out …

Happy Holidays!