Rahsan is a stylist who takes time to connect with you, to see who you are as a person, what your lifestyle is like, what you are comfortable in. And then she magically finds “your style”. Not the style that magazines tell you are in, and you should follow, but your style i.e. one that suits you, your lifestyle, your body shape and a style that loves you right back.

Frank Kockelkorn, Consultant – Zürich

I highly recommend working with Rahsan, if you are looking to breathe fresh air into your wardrobe and have some fun in the process! She is warm, fun, and knowledgeable. She can direct you towards new styles you may not have considered, as well as explain why certain colours and shapes fit you better. The day we went shopping, we caught the opening day of a store remodel and actually ended the day with a glass of champagne, courtesy of the store! I look forward to going shopping with Rahsan again! 🙂

Anna Franzen – ZüricH

Testimonial - Anna Franzen

My personal experience working with Rahsan as an image consultant is very positive. She demonstrates broad knowledge in the fashion industry, a refined taste, and she has great talent at recognising and understanding the personality of her client in order to match all these together. She is funny and enthusiastic, and she is very open to sharing her personal advice and feedback in a direct, playful yet respectful way. When shopping with her, I felt relaxed and easy overcoming my insecurities and openly discussing on what suits me and what not, and why. She also listened to my requests regarding style, quality, and budget, and she helped me find a style that both challenges my comfort zone and provides satisfaction through discovering new possibilities to express myself through clothing.
I can only recommend working with Rahsan, and I am sure to continue to be her client.


Rahsan was super friendly and had an amazing eye for detail, and an innate sense of style. She suggested things I’d have never even thought about, let alone try myself. Worth every $$.

Nadia Glacer , Sydney – Personal Shopping

Rahsan understands personalities to understand how to craft your style for YOU. She helped me transform my wardrobe to reflect the essence of who I was and to this day, I am wearing her suggestion with confidence and pride. Enjoyed her work!         

Elisa, Business Owner Ireland – Wardrobe Makeover

My personal shopping experience with Rahsan was amazing. I felt so comfortable discussing my clothing issues with Rahsan. She was friendly and easy to be around. She is a true professional and helped me make great choices, some that I would never have considered if it wasn’t for her knowledge of styling. I am loving my new wardrobe. I’m feeling more confident in my clothes and can’t wait to work with Rahsan again. Highly recommend her.

Peter Lefkoe, Sydney Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

I treated myself to personal styling experience, I am so happy and please with the service received! Rahsan is very professional, she started the session by listening to my needs, she is a great listener, and she is so good at picking those items that I just fell in love with. But furthermore, she explained to me the basics of creating a smart wardrobe, she provided guidance on colors, shapes, layering items, accessories and how to pull everything together. With 10 to 15 items out of the session, I have a fantastic base that will last for years to come that I can build off of. I recommend her to everyone, stop spending money on emotional items, start creating your capsule wardrobe and let Rahsan help you in the process. She is a fabulous person to do this with!

Suzie A. London Investment Banker – Personal Styling