Creating a personal brand by hiring a personal stylist!

What’s a personal brand and why is it so important to engage a personal stylist to create your personal brand?

Perhaps you believe that hiring a personal stylist is unnecessary, but if you’ve been feeling stressed or unhappy with this aspect of your life, it can have a significant beneficial impact on transforming how you feel about yourself and your clothing. As a result, confidence increases. In my opinion, purchasing clothing is a short fix. It doesn’t actually fix your difficulties in the long run because you lack a strategy.

What’s a personal brand? Anyway, and why is it important?
As Jeff Bezos of Amazon has said, “A personal brand is what someone says or thinks about you when you’re not in the room.” A personal brand is something we all have; it is the perception we have of others. It can help you open doors in your life, whether at work or in your personal life, but it can also slam doors shut in your face if it is not projecting what you need it to.

Your personal brand consists of the following components:
– Your personal brand includes your image and personal style.
– Your behaviour and actions
– Your values and how you communicate

So, where do we fit? What is a personal stylist?
So, let’s clear things up. We are not personal shoppers (though we do take personal shopping trips), and we are not paid a commission to make you buy anything. We are not declutterers (though we can help you manage your clothes); a wardrobe edit is much more than a clear-out. We do not make you dress like us. We coach you to learn more about your style and help you figure it all out.

Consistency is an important component of any personal brand !
Consistency makes it simple for customers to figure out where to go for answers, who is the expert, and which product or service is best. There is extensive research that suggests that being perceived as more attractive, and your style and image, including grooming and apparel, play a key role in this equation, can result in you earning more money without making any additional effort.

Having an inconsistent style harms your personal brand, the impression you make on others.
I’ve worked with managers who have told me about employees on their teams who are being overlooked for opportunities and promotions because they present themselves poorly. Why ? They cannot promote team members who present themselves poorly in any public-facing or client-facing job because they cannot trust them to be outstanding ambassadors for the company’s brand (inconsistency conveys that you are not completely in control of your life)

So, If you’re an entrepreneur or professional who understands how changing your image may help you get ahead at business (and in life) and you want to really come to grips with your style—and establish a strong and true personal brand image keep reading

Why work with a personal stylist?
1. It will save you money – consider how much money you have wasted on garments that still have their tags on! Or stuff you’ve worn a few times but still don’t like. A personal stylist can help you avoid making those blunders. Long-term, it will really save you money.

2. It will save you time – if you dread shopping or spend a long time looking for clothes that fit, then working with a stylist will save you a lot of time.

3. It will save you frustration – not being able to find things that suit or fit you may be quite frustrating and undermine your confidence. A personal stylist will assist you in finding things you enjoy and that fit, regardless of your size or shape (we’ll establish a signature style that works for you; knowing more about your style personality and developing a Style Recipe is the key to outstanding style today and in the future).

4. You’ll stop buying items that don’t work – You may have a wardrobe full of clothes, but do they all go together? This is what a stylist will help you achieve: a systematic approach to your wardrobe so you can start wearing all of your outfits more frequently and seem more put-together.

5. You’ll discover which colours work best for you – The key to creating a harmonious wardrobe is to use colours that work well together and also look good on you. It is a win-win situation!

6. It will relieve tension in the morning – Imagine having the tricks and knowledge in place to know what you’re going to wear every day—no stress, no fuss, just get dressed and look amazing! It is also therapeutic. Taking time for yourself to understand more about your style and what works for you is incredibly important.

7. It will boost your confidence – in the end, you are investing in your own confidence and sense of self-worth.

It sounds like a great investment, don’t you think so?