Wardrobe audit

If you’ve ever wondered how many garments you should own and whether you have too many or not, what do you think the magic number should be?

1- You might have either a small or a large wardrobe. It depends on your personality and lifestyle. How do you allocate your time? If you have many roles in your life that require wearing quite various types of clothing, such as social clothes, formal work clothes, weekend casuals, etc.

2- It also depends on the climate in which you live. It could be smaller if you live in a moderate region and wear relatively similar clothing all year, as opposed to someone who lives in a place that demands highly different clothes each season due to large temperature fluctuations.

3- Your location may also have an impact on how much clothing you own. Do you live in a country or a big city? Do you dress casually or for important events?

I’m going to show you several indicators that you may be holding or purchasing too many clothes.

– If it takes too long to put clothes together, nothing seems to fit with anything else. As a result, you find yourself wearing the same clothing over and over again.
– If you feel guilty about your purchases. If you buy clothes you don’t need, you end up in debt. This is a classic indicator of overshopping
– If you’ve maximised your space and organised everything properly but still can’t close the doors to your wardrobe or drawer, you’re living beyond your storage capabilities
– If you overlook what you have and buy the same item repeatedly without even realising it
– If there are many garments with their tags still on!

So, what can you do if you have too many clothes that you don’t wear?
– When adding new items to your closet, consider a give-and-take philosophy, as you only have limited hanging space
– Spend some time experimenting with your wardrobe; you’ll be surprised at how many outfits you can put together with only a few items
– Take everyday photos of your outfits to remind yourself of what you like wearing
– Set a goal for yourself to wear something you don’t normally wear; you’ll figure out why you haven’t
– On a given day, flip the hangers around the wrong way, and then after you wear something, return it to the correct position; this will allow you to see what you’ve worn.

Assess your wardrobe to decide the right amount of items and what you enjoy wearing. For example, if you own a huge number of clothes but rarely wear them, Then let them go, or experiment with dressing them in a way that meets your personality, lifestyle, environment, and occasion requirements.