Tips for Selecting a Suit

Men can benefit greatly from image consulting services as well. Men may prefer a customised approach to changing their appearance or refining their fashion choices. For this reason, gentlemen, I dedicated the May edition to you. 

How men’s suits should fit ?
Have you ever had a negative experience purchasing a suit? If so, you are aware of the significance of understanding the proper fit for a man’s suit. While some fitting issues, like cuff lengths or gaping waistbands, can be fixed by alteration, others, like poorly fitting jacket shoulders, are too costly or even impossible. Do you want to know how to choose a men’s suit so you can avoid making expensive purchases?

Men’s Suit Cuts?
Although there are various cuts available, the three most popular types are;

– European, also known as Italian Cut
Is a crisp, straight fit with relatively small shoulders and slender waists.

– British Cut
Fits well on a straight body type, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

– American Cut
People with protruding body types can use this suit because of its generous sizing. It is loosely manufactured (recall the suits that Don Johnson wore in Miami Vice?)

Here are some basic fitting guidelines to take into account (but when purchasing custom-made, you can choose from a wide range of options, including fabric, pattern, colour, vent choice, lapel size, and shape).

  • The suit should fit snugly against your shoulder blades, leaving some wiggle room.
  • The lapels lie flat. They should not buckle or bunch up.
  • The sleeves should end at the midpoint of your wrist bone. This will expose your shirt cuff to around 10–12 mm, but not so narrow as to get stuck on your Swiss watch.
  • Close the buttons before you buy the suit. Check to make sure none are hanging and that they are all firmly sewn on. Men with athletic builds are better suited to lower button stances. For men with bloated stomachs, higher button stances are more effective.
  • The side or double vents are, in my opinion, far better. In reality, a man’s weight gain is only noticeable from the sides, not the back. Moreover, he can use it to reach into his pants pocket without needing to raise his jacket over his arm. Still, a lot of manufacturers and designers prefer the centre or single vent.
  • Pants! There should be no more than two hem breaks, the pleats should lie flat against your body, and you should be able to fit two fingers between your body and waist.
  • Of course, we must take into account your occupation, lifestyle, and personality. The pattern and colour of the fabric you choose can greatly alter the appearance of your body type.

Single-breasted vs. double-breasted?

  • Single-breasted; the most adaptable style is one that can be buttoned or left undone.
  • Double-breasted; the most formal and powerful shape, needs to be buttoned up.

I hope this brief advice will help you make wiser decisions during your shopping trip.