White denim jeans—a summertime essential

I adore how white jeans can be dressed up or down and how versatile they are. Even when dressed down, a white jean can look elegant and is a dressier alternative than a blue jean.

Whether you prefer skinny, flare, slim or straight-leg jeans, white denim always looks stunning— Even a simple white shirt is made more elegant by the dressier look of white jeans

Is It Possible to Wear White Jeans All Year Round?
Of course, everything is up to the individual and there’s no set rule anymore about when you can start wearing white jeans. I enjoy taking out my white pants from the back of my closet towards the middle of spring and putting them back at the end of summer and some of us have white jeans on all year round.

With white jeans, what colours go best?
With white jeans, you can very much wear any colour. I would personally urge you to determine your individual contrast levels before deciding how to combine colours (know what colours work best for you).

There are two sorts of contrast:
Value contrast (it is the contrast between our lightest and darkest values)
Colour contrast (how many different colours are flattering to wear at one time)

Shoes to Go with White Jeans?
Because white jeans are so adaptable, they look great both worn down with sneakers or nude sandals and dressed up for a date night with a chic top and high heels, vibrant colours or metallic sandals. Depending on the time of the day, almost any shoe can be worn with white jeans.

Here are some inspirations for outfits: levels of colour contrast—high, medium, and low.

As always, keep in mind that what you wear can change the way you feel.